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An RPG game with a twist, being that it's made by a degenerate weirdo who likes big ladies.

Set in a fantasy world of Gods, goblins and monsters,  Gumia's Unbelted Terror takes place in a world where people have started acting strangely. Everyone has been eating more than any human could consider normal, and it's really starting to show. Almost every female NPC in the game and all of the playable characters have quests and scenes about them expanding in one way or another, and with new scenes unlocking as you progress through the game, this RPG will be one that you'll always be looking forwards to. The game includes hours of side content and quests that grow not only the story, but also the cast.

You play as Phage, a thief and young woman who is delighted with how the world seems to be changing. Follow her adventures as she meets old friends, makes new ones, eats more than you could think humanly possible, and maybe even saves the world!


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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAdult, belly-stuffing, body-expansion, breast-expansion, fat, inflation, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, weight-gain

Install instructions

You need some kind rar file opener to open the rar before playing the game.


GUT afrit desert update part 1.7z 848 MB

Development log


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will you ever make a play in browser version


I won't no

Finally my pc as come

When will the next update come out?

Where I can find crystal sugar?

So quick question, do the main characters gain weight over the course of the game?

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"Everyone" Gains weight over the course of the game.

Ahhh ok, I must not be far enough in the game yet to have noticed. Thanks for the response! Keep up the good work too!

would it be a possiblity to add the ability to use consume on more than just food?

Just food. Maybe slimes. I don't really do vore.

darn.....that'd be hot too honestly...also any chance of adding more belly sizes?

My mate! If only. XD Not that much would change.

Will a Linux version be released?

No I won't be making versions for anything except windows

Isn't it super easy to port RPGmaker games to Linux? As in it's just a choice of exporting the finished project as either a windows or Linux game? Apologies if i'm being ignorant.

It might work for Linux idk, but I know for sure it doesnt work that way for mac os despite also having an export to mac option, and I'd rather not be dealing with bug reports from an operating system that I can't help anyone with.

Just quick confusion but I  tried attacking the last boss and it does nothing am I supposed to feed her and how exactly?

If you're playing on an old save and not one included with the release then there's no way to beat the boss because of how saves and items are handled. You need to either start a new game or use one of the included saves in the download.

It may have been and I remember deleting the save state because I had two saves thinking I had to reinstall  so oh well thanks aanyway.

Hi guys, anyone know the venus statues locations?


Entering the prison again, the player will become invisible, and the village will become a state of fire.

If the player returns to the hotel room again before being drugged, the scenario will repeat.

If you don't carry enough food, the boss fight will not be able to continue.

The invisibility bug was fixed in the last patch, and I can tell you for sure that it is impossible to run out of food in the boss fight as respawning food is part of the mechanics. The Inn room has not been reported yet. Thank you for pointing it out to me I'll make sure to fix it in the next patch.

A small patch has been posted

Frist or later can you make a android version?

Elf village update is now available for download.

I defeated the devil and found the greenhouse and ice cellar, how do I get into the woods?

I tried to download this through the launcher, and it seemed like it was going to work, but I decided to pause it for a while and get back to it, but when I did, it failed, and now I can't try again. Don't know f that's something I should be reporting to you guys or itch.

That's an itch problem. The only thing I do is stick the game up here. The ONE THING I CAN THINK OF is that maybe you were downloading the game as I was uploading a new version. I'd just delete the one you were downloading and see if it works now.

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Strange when i booted up the game for the first time. there are saves..... that i did not make....


Dev saves. Even before itch.io versions of this game always had saves from the devs in them.

I've uploaded a bug fix version for some missing files. I hope I got all of them and sorry for the inconvenience.

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v1 bug I found:

  • ".\img\characters\usefull props 3.png" does not exist, temp solution : copy "usefull props2.png" in same folder and rename the copy to "usefull props 3.png". The call for the file is in the city bakery 1st screen.
  • typo on Charcoal item (trinket) : "Grants immunity to poision" instead of "Grants immunity to poison"
  • ".\img\characters\usefull props weapons.png" does not exist, temp solution : copy "usefull props.png in same folder and rename the copy to "usefull props weapons.png". The call for the file is the leftmost trial in the temple of the cave in the icy moutains.
  • typo on Boulder spell : "Was cause enemy to bleed" instead of "May cause enemy to bleed"
  • and found a hard crash, happen after accepting to have fun at the end of the bakery quest:

will add other bugs I find here.

uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'note' of null


On six months i get a PC and the frist thing I do is play this game

mmmmm, G U T